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Setting Warehouse Goals for 2018

When determining goals, they need to be Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Realistic or result focused, and Timely.Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 9.46.50 AM.png

Determining where to start and what to measure is crucial for gathering useful data and making progress. 

Your 3PL will need to anticipate your expectations before they can create their productivity goals.  Your 3pl will need to communicate closely with you on the following topics:

  •             What if any are the changes in your budget from the prior year?
  •             What are your expectations off the 3PL?
  •             Are there any new requirements needed –ISO, OSHA or FDA?
  •             Will there be new products
  •             What is the change in the product profile?

Once your 3PL understands your expectations they can then review their internal measurement system of meeting these new or changing expectations for 2018. 

Measurements that worked the prior year may not translate as accurate measurements for the coming year thus  losing the business momentum.  It is important to ensure your standards are reflecting the current operation.

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Don't be afraid to look outside your company for guidance and baseline numbers as you prepare for 2018.

Reports are an excellent resource for comparison. Stay on top of industry news, and be aware that for-pay assessments, such as a WERC report, can offer valuable insights untainted by company loyalty or familiarity.

Benchmarks are as important as your goals––having one without the other leaves you in a place without growth. By benchmarking operations with proper warehouse metrics, we keep our competitive edge and continuous improvement for our customers.

While someone will need to take the lead on your productivity efforts, we should always involve workforce, make sure they're inclusive: a single individual's goals are rarely versatile enough to make a lasting and positive difference in a larger company.

Solicit feedback and ideas from your staff at every level, and listen to their suggestions. Remember, it’s important to research new ideas and strategies before you fall behind the pack.

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