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Frequently Asked Questions About WHAT IF Logistics & Our New Brand

We are pleased Leicht, RGL Specialty Services, and Checker Logistics are coming together as one company. We are RGL:  the WHAT IF Logistics Company.robert kennedy quote

WHAT IF Logistics isn’t a fancy marketing message. As we looked at changing the way we present ourselves to the marketplace, it’s what our customers told us we do differently than most in the industry. We help our customers reinvent logistics by asking WHAT IF to come up with creative solutions that simplify, improve and reduce waste in their supply chain.

Who we are and what we do is remaining the same, but we will be changing the way we talk about our company and the visual way we present ourselves.  We anticipate some questions – so we put together the following FAQ to help fill in some of the blanks.  Over the next few months, you’ll move through this process with us as you begin to see the transition to our new brand. 

We welcome you on this journey and appreciate any feedback you share with us.

1. Why are you dropping the names “Leicht,” “Checker” and “Specialty Services”?

We interviewed a number of customers and employees throughout the rebranding process, and they overwhelming indicated that they would prefer having one name to refer to our company.  It was confusing to have to sort out which operation belonged to what entity – and at the end of the day, they valued the relationship with us far more than what we call ourselves.  

2. What does RGL stand for?

RGL are the initials of Russell G. Leicht.  Keeping his initials in our name represents our rich history and legacy that has brought us this far today and will carry us into the future.  

3. What is WHAT IF Logistics?

As we stated before, WHAT IF Logistics represents the way we do business with our customers today.  We help our customers rethink logistics by asking WHAT IF to come up with creative solutions that simplify, improve and reduce waste in their  supply chain.  

WHAT IF Logistics means that we don’t use cut and paste thinking. We approach each project with a fresh mind, tailoring unique solutions for each customer.  And we never shy away from a new project or a challenge. 

The new brand position isn’t just some marketing ploy – it’s what our customers told us that we do differently when we’re doing our best work.   

4. Why is this brand launch a big deal?

RGL has earned a great reputation in this industry as a company that goes beyond what other similar companies are capable of delivering to their clients. By staking this positioning claim, we can further distance ourselves from the competition and strengthen the relationships with our current clients. Asking the question WHAT IF is what we have been doing all along. It is time to stand behind what we are good at and bring focus to this as a true differentiator. 

5. What else will be changing (e.g. trucks, office supplies, business cards, invoices, gear, etc.)?

All the materials that feature the Leicht, Checker and RGL Specialty Services logos with our old positioning will be changed to reflect the new direction.  The vast majority of these will change over on the external brand launch date of April 15, 2013, with others being phased in over the next few months.  

6. This feels like a big change – why now?

This is a big change. Given the current business climate and trends in the field of logistics, we believe this is the perfect time to launch our new messaging and brand position. While the others are quiet, we intend to make some noise.

7. What does WHAT IF mean to me?

We welcome our customers and partners to challenge us with their toughest WHAT IF questions.  Got a logistical issue you’re wrestling with?  Have a pain point you don’t know how to handle?  Together let’s challenge the status quo and look for ways we can improve!.

Have another question or feedback to share?  Comment below and let us know what you think!  We welcome you on this journey with us.

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