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Choosing The Right Warehouse

Finding the right warehouse can be a daunting task.  Below you will find tips on your search for a good warehouse that will meet your business requirements and allow you to do what you do best.
  • Are they committed to knowing your product 

    This is where good warehousing begins, and your supplier will need to know everything there is to know about the product you will be storing at their warehouse. The supplier should know the product front to back before bringing in the first carton into their facility, the products characteristics are going to determine how it will be handled and stored. They can learn the characteristics by asking the following questions:

    • DimensionsRGL Warehouse.jpg
    • Sensitivity considerations
    • Special handling requirements
    • Safety considerations
    • Value of product
  •  Do they have adequate volume and space

    A reputable and knowledgeable supplier finds out how product is delivered to them and plan accordingly. They should plan space based on how material is loaded, so they plan enough space in the receiving area to accommodate without any crowding.

    Volume requirements and the size of your product should drive how much surface area is needed for incoming and outgoing shipments, and the supplier should be able to demonstrate how they will adequately stage and store materials.
  • Is there enough personnel to handle your business

    One of the resources that can potentially cause issues for storing and shipping your product is if the supplier is not adequately planning personnel.
    The company that handles your goods should present a solid plan for qualitative and quantitative business needs that is able to respond to forecasted volume and any special requirements you have.
  • How is their inventory accuracy and control

    If there is no plan in place for managing inventory, its going to be scattered everywhere and nothing will be more frustrating to you than having a hot order that needs to ship and the supplier calls you and tells you the material isn’t there or they cant find it.
  • Is their warehouse safe and clean

    A clean warehouse is a safe warehouse. Many suppliers think that a word of mouth cleaning plan is enough to have in place at a warehouse – and it shows when you are doing a walk-through. If the warehouse is cluttered and dirty, that is an indication of how the will take care of your product.
  •  Top notch transportation

    For transportation services, the supplier should be able to combine premium basic freight services, end-to-end, into one seamless supply chain solution. They should also be negotiating the lowest rates for any external freight services.

To read the full article: http://shippingandfreightresource.com/check-points-to-choose-the-right-warehouse-for-your-products/

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