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From Cost to Growth Center

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Barriers to Growth 

Our client, a packaging manufacturer with 9 separate plants in Wisconsin that serves Fortune 500 food and pharmaceuticals and many other recognizable brands, recently saw an uptick in customer orders due to new demand. At a major Distribution Center standing inventory for one plant grew 50% in 30 days. They went from needing 4.5 trailers per day to 6.5, inbound and were now running out of space to service customers because the distribution center was at 100% capacity. But the need to optimize the distribution center for space (where most 3PLs would put their focus) was the least of their issues because the distribution center, production, and transportation at all 9 plants were not synchronized for future growth.

Customer Challenges

Limited Visibility & Fragmented Communication
This led to weekly production shutdowns and partial service to plants and customers despite growing demand

Low Inventory Accuracy
Inconsistent work processes and lack of check and balances resulted in lost sales

Misalignment Between Plants & Corporate

This means the manufacturer could not continually optimize production, distribution center and transportation to support each other’s growth objectives 

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