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Making the World a Better Place - Community Giving

Community Giving Before Working at RGL - 

When I started working at RGL charitable giving was not in my vocabulary not only did I not think I had the means but I also didn’t have the vehicle (a place to give).  Sure, I put my change in the Salvation Army Kettle at Christmas time or gave the Veterans a dollar for a poppy because they were there, the opportunity to give was there. 

My First Experience with Charitable Giving -

My first year at RGL our leadership came to me and asked if I had time to run the United Way Employee giving campaign?  Well, sure I do.  At the time, I could not have imagined the transformation on my beliefs about charitable giving. 

That first year we raised $11 more than the year before.  The second year we were up $1,000 and then the third year came and we decided to kick it up a notch by adding a raffle for prizes that were donated by local companies, and grand prizes that the company donated the first year of the raffle we had an iPad as our main prize.  The campaign raised over $8,000 more than the previous year.  Year over year we have increased by at least $5,000 per year.  This was all accomplished by the generosity of our employees. 

Now every year around August/September employees start asking when the campaign will start!  We have increased participation in the employee-giving payroll deduct and add a new event to keep the momentum going.IMG_9919.jpg

Working for a Company That Supports Our Community - 

Working for a company who takes Social Responsibility seriously helps engage the workforce in the same beliefs.  When your employer encourages you to be a better you and help others the morale boost is notable.  RGL supports several initiatives that give employees a chance to give back to the community.  We have associates who mentor students at Tank School and pack backpacks for the kids to take home on the weekends. 

A few months ago, I spent the afternoon with a co-worker who I consider my friend as she went through her chemotherapy appointment.  I was asked that day how it made me feel when I left.  Wow, I didn’t really think about how it made me feel but I felt good and very sad at the same time.  It felt good to do something for someone else.  To make a difference in just one persons life you don’t need to donate cash, your time is just as valuable.

 Charitable giving can boost morale.  Studies have shown that it is good for your soul to do good for others.  Those who are feeling down can benefit from doing something good to improve life for another person no matter how big or small the gesture is. 

Associates in Need - 

As co-workers at RGL we have a strong belief in supporting and helping our own.  Over the last few years’ employees have created teams to help put together benefits for employees in need.  There have been off-site benefits, fishing tournaments, company wide raffles and t-shirt sales all to support our co-workers.  One of our divisions adopts a family in the organization that is in need over the holiday season; this has been a huge success in collecting more donations then when a family outside of the organization is adopted. We all want to help those we know need our help the most. IMG_0053.jpg

Making a difference in the life of those in need.  This belief system is encouraged and supported by senior leadership at RGL.  With this support employees are doing things to support their community and each other and improve lives. 

Our People Mission says it all “Everyday, our people go home safe, healthy, and FULFILLED.”

Changing View Point - 

Over the past ten years I have grown as a person and I owe that in part to the encouragement to help others.  Before I started at RGL I never knew the feeling of giving or had the humility in doing so.  It’s rewarding to pay it forward.

Your giving doesn’t need to be monetary.  Everybody has something to give in some way.

I can without a doubt say if you are having a bad day do something nice for someone else.  Bring them a cupcake.  You will make their day.  Be kind to everyone, you never know what battle they are facing.



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