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Meet Kermit and his Owner Operators

Kenn and Beth Zelten from Kaukauna, Wisconsin share the inside of their Volvo VNL 730 named "Kermit". 

Source:  HDT Trucking Info (website)

Their custom VNL 730 was delivered in early 2015 and in the episode, the Zeltens explain their pride in the vehicle-- which will be their last before retirement.

“We are nature lovers,” Kenn Zelten said. “Green is a symbol of our environment. I mean this truck is clean. It puts out cleaner air than it takes in most of the time, and that’s important to us.”

While they are veteran drivers, the Zeltens still embrace the latest technology, said Volvo. Their Volvo VNL 730 features Adaptive Loading, Volvo’s fully integrated 6x2 liftable forward axle. Adaptive Loading improves fuel efficiency and can lower maintenance costs by automatically converting from a 6x2 configuration to 4x2 when lightly loaded.

“We got all the bells and whistles we could get on it because it is my last truck,” said Kenn Zelten.


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