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OSHA's Top 10 Cited Safety Hazards

At the end of September, OSHA announced the preliminary top 10 most frequently cited workplace safety violations for 2017 at the NSC Congress & Expo. The final report is published in the December edition of the NSC's Safety+Health magazine.

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Great Lakes Seaway - Why Ship?

Why Ship VIA Great Lakes Seaway?

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What Are The Top Transportation Trends In 2018?

Post From Forbes Written By:  Kristy Knichel

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Setting Warehouse Goals for 2018

When determining goals, they need to be Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Realistic or result focused, and Timely.

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What is the Importance of Customer Service in the Logistics Industry?

Customer service, more often than not, is the backbone of any industry. Whether you’re in retail, entertainment or, yes, logistics, your customer service can play a huge part in how people view your company and how your company functions. 

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Logistics Solutions - Freight Brokers

Definition of a Freight Broker – A freight broker is a company or individual who acts as a middle man between the transport service provider and the customer. Freight brokers do not actually provide the truck or the shipping, but instead they provide essential services that will help the shipper identify the best freighting company.

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Find The Perfect Gift for The Truck Driver In Your Life

Are you looking for a practical gift for your favorite truck driver? If your spouse or loved spends a lot of time on the road, you know it can be very hard to find a practical gift that he or she will use and love.  Below is a list of gifts they would love !

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ELD Mandate Are You Ready?

Your ELD Mandate 101

After a long wait, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) published the final electronic logging device rule — or ELD mandate – in December 2015.
What is it exactly? And, what does it mean for commercial motor carriers and truck drivers?

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What If - Are They Magic Words?

This is a repost from a previous blog.
Blog Commentary: Roger Whitton 

The late Lou Tice, co-founder of The Pacific Institute, was a world-renowned author, teacher, motivational speaker, and self-help mentor to thousands. He believed that excellence is a process – an achievable, continuous process that unfolds as you learn to control what you think, what you expect, and what you believe. His work continues today at The Pacific Institute, and in the hearts and minds of thousands of his followers.

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How to Differentiate Yourself in the Third Party Logistics World

In the ever-changing world of logistics, third party logistics companies all share the common struggle of how to differentiate from the competition in an effort to carve out market share and drive profitability. Many focus on superior customer service. Others pride themselves on technology and innovation, while some continue to compete largely on price. These strategic models are just a few examples, each of which has merit.

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