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Port of Green Bay

When you think of Port cities you think Port of Long Beach, Port of Virginia, Port of New York.  How often do people think Port of Green Bay? (below information from

The Port of Green Bay has and still is a vital part of our economy, our history and our lives.

The Port of Green Bay dates back to the early 1800’s when commerce focused on fur trading and peltry.  1816 was the year the first merchant vessel arrived carrying Garrison Troops and provisions.  By 1867 products that were carried were more diverse; lumber, barrels, shingles, wood, railroad ties and other forest products.  The Peshtigo fire of 1871 caused a major setback of forest products being exported through the port.

The Port of Green Bay is the western-most port of Lake Michigan offering a direct route for shipping raw goods and materials using the most cost effective and sustainable method of transportation available.  An extensive network of highways and railroads provide a direct connection from the Port to regional markets and America's Heartland.

There are 14 port businesses located along three miles of the Fox River. These businesses move more than two million tons of cargo on more than 200 ships each year. Port businesses handle dry bulk commodities such as coal, limestone and salt, bulk liquids like petroleum products, liquid asphalt and tallow, and break-bulk commodities including wood pulp and forest products in addition to over sized cargo like machinery and wind components.

The Port of Green Bay is a vital part of our local economy, our history and our lives. It plays an important role in the transportation of goods and commodities that are critical to the economic health of the region. Opportunities for growth, whether using an existing port facility or developing a new property, makes the port an attractive option for businesses.

Origins of the incoming ships come from the Midwest, Canada, Brazil, and Algeria. 

Benefits of using ships to carry cargo into the Great Lakes Region:

  • Fewer emissions/better air quality
  • Less fuel consumption
  • Fewer accidents
  • Less highway congestion

The Port posts on their Facebook page incoming ships arrival dates and departure dates along with terminal location.  Port of Green Bay FB Page

Our Business Development team recently enjoyed a tour on the Fox River.  Below are images and some additional information about Port of Green Bay and stops along the river.

Entering the Port of Green Bay 

Port Entrance.jpg

Green Bay has 14 docks, 200 boats came through the Port in 2016, equaling two million tons of material.





Cat Island 

Cat Island.jpg

Cat Island like Renard Island was designed/built to contain cleaned dredging material from the river and shipping lane leading to it

Cat Island is projected to hold dredging material for 20 - 30 years at some point Cat Island will most likely be used for recreational use




Cement Barge

Cement Barge.jpg

RGL Logistics Dock
RGL Dock.jpg 

Final dredging is being completed on the RGL dock, further construction to begin later this year  (Press Release)

View of Leicht Park 
Leicht Park.jpg


With growth comes opportunity.  Check out RGL's Newly created Port Position

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