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Summer Transportation Intern - Meet Emily

How Does an Internship Help Decide Your Future

I currently am working on my Associate’s degree at the U W - Fox Valley.  I am still undecided on my major, and that played a big role in my interest in interning with RGL. It would help me discover if the field of transportation and logistics could be a career for me.

When I first came to RGL, the transportation field was completely new to me. On Day 1 of my internship, I didn’t even know what terms like “lane,” “deadhead,” or “consignee” meant in association to the field of logistics, or how much work really went on behind the scenes.  I was intimidated, and feared messing up anything new that I tried. But now I am feeling more confident, and finding that I want to continue to learn more about transportation.


Working in Managed Transportation is nothing like what I expected it to be.  This is my first “adult” job. Previous work experience included working at retail jobs selling clothing, and scooping ice cream. In retail, I worked at impulse stores, meaning that the product was a want, not a need.   At RGL, the transportation business is booming and is not an impulse buy, but a necessary service that is only going to continue to expand. In retail, I never felt a purpose in what I was doing. At RGL, I feel like my job actually has a meaning. 

Transportation As Seen Through The Eyes Of An Intern

Before I started working at RGL, I had no idea as to how much work really goes into getting a truck, and its product, from point A to point B.  I recognize now that in order for the retail stores to be successful, transportation was a key component of their operations. How product showed at my stores wasn’t anything I even thought about, let alone the army of people it took to make the transportation network flow.

Now that I know a little more about transportation, I have a totally different view of the semi-trucks that I see driving down the highway; and I am able to have an appreciation for them as opposed to being annoyed that they are in my way.

I really like working at RGL for a number of reasons. I really enjoy all the people I work with as well as all the new things I am learning how to do.  By working here I am getting great experience in transportation and logistics, and I am developing work and communications skills that will benefit me not only in my internship at RGL, but also in any future career.  

While I can admit that I miss the clothing discounts and the free ice-cream; clothes will fade and ice-cream will melt, but the skills I am building here at RGL will last me a life time.

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