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Manufacturers Looking For Total Value From National 3PLs Are Missing the Strategic Value Needed to Drive Stronger Growth

Some customers hesitate to work with a regional partner for fear of “putting all of their eggs in one basket.” However, doing business with a nationwide behemoth can trap them in a swamp of bureaucracy. While I worked at nationwide 3PLs like Schneider, I used name recognition to open doors and find opportunities with manufacturers without realizing that our customers were not seeing the true strategic value. Nationwide 3PLs claim to leverage stronger networks to provide cost savings, but in reality, lack the dexterity to be able to flex to meet customer requirements. This leads to customer frustration, poor service, and ultimately greater cost on the back-end.

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Warehouses & DCs Will Cost Manufacturers Up to 3% Profit Margin Loss with an Inability to Give Walmart Product On-time, In Full

On-time, in-full scores for Wal-Mart’s top 75 suppliers -- including  Unilever -- had been as low as 10 percent. Not one had reached the 95 percent long-term target, hurting the retailer's ability to improve product availability to compete with Amazon, which provides consumers with the products they want, when they want it at the price they want it. The retailer is losing an estimated $1B due to product unavailability as products are not being shipped on time, in full or products are arriving too early cluttering back rooms slowing time-to-shelf.

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