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Will Truckers Drive from Behind a Desk?

It's interesting to see where technology is taking us but, scary at the same time.  Can you imagine looking over to the truck driver next to you and there is no one in the truck.  FleetOwner published an article on the new technologies being created so trucks can be driven from a desk.  

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Volvo New River Valley Assembly Plant Tour

Blog Post by:  William Malson - Owner Operator Business Leader RGL

Recently our local Volvo dealer offered me the opportunity to tour Volvo’s New River Valley Assembly Plant, as well as their Uptime and Tech Centers. Having never been in an assembly plant, I jumped at the offer. Actually, my initial reaction was like that of a 10 year old kid at Christmas - since I have worked in a diesel shop for nearly 20 years. After a few short weeks it was arranged, and we were on our way.

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Natural Gas or Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel?

Natural Gas or Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel? Which is the best choice for class 8 heavy duty truck fleets?

By:  Bob Johnson CEO

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