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What Are The Top Transportation Trends In 2018?

Post From Forbes Written By:  Kristy Knichel

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Logistics Solutions - Freight Brokers

Definition of a Freight Broker – A freight broker is a company or individual who acts as a middle man between the transport service provider and the customer. Freight brokers do not actually provide the truck or the shipping, but instead they provide essential services that will help the shipper identify the best freighting company.

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ATRI Releases Annual List of Top 100 Truck Bottlenecks

The below press release was released today by ATRI.
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Wisconsin Declares Using Handheld Devices in Construction Zones Illegal

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RGL wants you to get home safely to your family and friends everyday and we are sharing this new law that takes effect on Saturday, October 1, 2016.
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The Importance of Truck Driver Appreciation Week

Lets face it everyday we should appreciate the 3.5 million professional truck drivers who safely move the nations freight.

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From Teakettles to Trucks..

The Internet of Things - a crack in your security firewall

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A Guide to Truckers Slang

Truckers Report posted an article on truckers slang.  These might come in handy if you pull out your CB on a long road trip this summer !

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7 Hacks to Increase Workplace Safety Today

RGL takes safety seriously.  Our Mission " Everyday, our people go home safe, healthy, and Fulfilled".

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Professional Truck Drivers: Solving the World's Worst Word Problem

Blog by:  Mike Hammond General Manager RGL Neenah

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What is missing in how most logistics is done?

By: Roger Whitton – VP of Marketing

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