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Overcoming Supply Chain Challenges With TMS Technology

Shippers need tools that enable them to make strategic, data driven decisions.

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Manufacturers Have Little Control Over Inventory Turns & their 3PLs Are Focused Elsewhere

Studies show that the typical cost of carrying inventory is 10.6% of the inventory value. The highest performing manufacturers with the most profitability growth potential spend 7.4% while the lowest performers spend double on inventory (up to 14%!) Because there is a 77% correlation between profitability and inventory turns, it’s important for manufacturers to keep inventory levels as low as possible and to sell inventory as quickly as possible.

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Manufactures Are Under-Served with Traditional TMS Platforms

When I was the VP of Transportation Management Solutions, for a large trucking company I competed against providers offering JDA and other platforms. I sold Oracle and MercuryGate solutions to mid-market manufacturers and distributors. While I was a major proponent for these platforms, I learned that TMS platforms have not evolved to support LTL and parcel needs.

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How Mid-Market Supply Chains Are Under Served

On average, mid-market supply chains ($50M to $150M) replace supply chain providers every 2 to 3 years as they are not achieving continuous ROI improvement and they are not getting the attention they deserve. They’re too big for the small supply chain operators who do not have the technology and processes in place to manage $50M to $150M in supply chain spend. And, they are not large enough to garner the strategic attention from the big industry players who are choosing to focus their improvement energy on the Apple’s and Nike’s that are providing higher supply chain revenues. 

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How 3PL's Can Help Find Capacity

Original Article from Inbound Logistics March 28, 2018

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Frequently Asked Questions About WHAT IF Logistics & Our New Brand

We are pleased Leicht, RGL Specialty Services, and Checker Logistics are coming together as one company. We are RGL:  the WHAT IF Logistics Company.

WHAT IF Logistics isn’t a fancy marketing message. As we looked at changing the way we present ourselves to the marketplace, it’s what our customers told us we do differently than most in the industry. We help our customers reinvent logistics by asking WHAT IF to come up with creative solutions that simplify, improve and reduce waste in their supply chain.

Who we are and what we do is remaining the same, but we will be changing the way we talk about our company and the visual way we present ourselves.  We anticipate some questions – so we put together the following FAQ to help fill in some of the blanks.  Over the next few months, you’ll move through this process with us as you begin to see the transition to our new brand. 

We welcome you on this journey and appreciate any feedback you share with us.

1. Why are you dropping the names “Leicht,” “Checker” and “Specialty Services”?

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