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What is a Public Warehouse?

Definition: A public warehouse is a business that provides short or long-term storage to companies on a month-to-month basis. Public warehouse fees can be a combination of storage fees and inbound and outbound transaction fees. A public warehouse can charge per pallet or charge for each square foot that is used by a company.

The public warehouse is not only a facility where a company can store their products, but the public warehouse offers inventory management, physical inventory counts and shipping functionality.

The public warehouse charges their clients for a certain rate for the goods stored, the volume of the warehouse used and the services the client wishes to use.Warehouse Blog.jpg

The company using the public warehouse does not have to employ warehouse staff, does not require any inventory software or warehouse equipment. The owner of the public warehouse is responsible for the costs and passes this on to their clients based on the rate they are charged.

Although most companies see public warehousing as a short-term solution it can often turn into a long-term relationship as companies been accustomed to convenience of the public warehouse services. Companies that own and operate public warehouses, invest significantly in modern facilities to remain competitive. They offer clients increasing levels of flexibility in order to retain and attract additional clients.

Public warehouses offer companies a range of labor solutions including picking, packing, inventory control software and dedicated workforce.

Public warehouses will also allow clients to bring in their own ERP or warehouse software so that the public warehouse becomes a satellite location with real-time data.

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