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What is Servant Leadership?

What is Servant Leadership?

Servant Leadership is a philosophy and set of practices that are intended to enrich the lives of individuals, builds better organizations, and ultimately creates a more just and caring world.

Imagine the impact that servant leadership can have on a business, with each employee striving to do their best because of the mutual respect they have for their leaders and that their leaders have for them.  

Writer and publisher Peter Economy – The Leadership Guy @bizzwriter, provides the following list of 7 things that servant leaders believe in:

What Do Servant Leaders Believe In?

  1. Every person has value and deserves civility, trust, and respect

  2. People can accomplish much when inspired by a purpose beyond themselves

  3. Clarify and reinforce the need for service to others. - Servant leaders educate the members of their team through their words and actions, and they encourage their people to set aside self-serving behaviors in favor of serving others.

  4. Listen intently and observe closely. - Servant leaders really listen to their people, and they actively solicit their participation, their ideas, and their feedback. In time, they get to know the worldview of each one of their employees, and they tailor their leadership approach accordingly.Servant Leadership RGL Blog

  5. Act as selfless mentors. - Servant leaders know that by helping to guide the people who work for them, they will help their employees learn vital skills that will both improve their performance, and improve them as people.

  6. Demonstrate persistence. - Servant leaders realize that one or two conversations may not have the desired change in an employee's assumptions or mindset. So they are tenacious and invest whatever time it takes to educate and inspire servant leadership practices in the members of their team.

  7. Lovingly hold themselves and others accountable for their commitments. - Servant leaders know that no one is perfect, and everyone makes mistakes--including themselves. With that in mind, they push for high standards of performance, service quality, and alignment of values throughout the team, and they hold themselves and their people accountable for their performance.



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