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Winter Driving Tips

Winter is fast approaching.  Don’t get caught off guard when the white stuff starts to fly and the temperatures drop to freezing.  The time between fall and winter can be short and happen in the blink of an eye.  Below are 4 tips to help keep you prepared for winter driving.

Traction – Starting, stopping and steering all require traction. 

  • Don’t drive in the ruts of other vehicles. They have probably packed the snow into ice.
  • Accelerate /decelerate carefully and gradual. Keep in mind your tractor must pull your trailer.  If driving on slick roads the condition is optimal for a jackknife.
  • Speed decrease traction so SLOW DOWN
  • When on wet, icy or snow covered roads turn your engine brake off when approaching bridges, and ramps.

 Visibility – See and be seen.Winter Driving-1.jpg

  • Turn lights on and make sure they are in working order.
  • Clean ice and snow from mirrors, windows, lights and any reflective tape.
  • Watch snow covered areas/mounds there may be a car under there
  • Use air conditioner to help keep windows defrosted this air is dry air.
  • Make sure you are looking all around your truck and others see you. 

Roadway – Watch for black ice and ice.

  • Slow down on ramps. Be extra cautious as these tend to ice up.
  • Bridges freeze up first be cautious as they tend to be slippery
  • Stop early for stop signs and red lights – intersections tend to be very slippery in bad weather.
  • Be cautious with empty trailers and wind.

Prepared –  When traveling in colder climates always be ready for anything you may encounter.

  • Proper clothing (loose layers of clothing, extra gloves, rain gear)
  • A coat that is for the temperature day or night.
  • Flashlight
  • Blanket, food and water
  • Bag of sand or salt
  • Windshield scraper
  • Jumper cables

Always be alert, use good judgment on weather.  Having good communication with your driver manager goes along way if you need to shut down.  Be clear and explain your situation.






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