WHAT IF your broker worked for you?  

Imagine not having to call a dozen brokers every day trying to fill your trucks.  

When RGL serves as your Sales and Customer Service function, you will have the benefit of working with a Top 100 Freight Broker.  We will provide you with a long term freight solution that replaces your current daily freight search.

We will work together to define your needs up front, and then actively pursue freight to fill-in your network. You will move consistent, long term, driver friendly freight.  Your drivers will appreciate working with repeat shippers and consignees, and our shippers experience higher service levels because your drivers know the lanes.

Put RGL's Managed Transportation Team to work for you.

We understand what small fleets need, because we are a small fleet.




We finally found consistent freight with RGL.

As a carrier, it's tough to trust that brokers are going to treat you fairly.  Whether it's long wait times at the loading dock or last-miniute dropping of lanes, we have a lot to worry about.

With RGL, I've finally found a broker partner that considers my well-being. Their rates are good, and the peace of mind I have in knowing that they will do their best to resolve any issues is priceless to me.

- Jayda Transport, RGL carrier since 2014


RGL Carrier Perks

check_box.pngSmall Company

check_box.pngRates are fair and     firm

check_box.pngTop 100 Freight      Broker

check_box.pngConsistent           Freight Lanes

Become an RGL carrier.

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