We can handle it.




Logistics made simple.

When we say "We can handle it", we are simply expressing our confidence that based on 117 years of experience; we will provide you with Warehousing, Distribution, and Material Handling services second to none.

It doesn't matter whether you need 10,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space, or you want us to design and operate a one million sq. ft. Distribution Center.  We can handle it.

RGL has the experience, expertise, facilities, equipment, and the skilled workforce to meet your supply chain needs while preserving your capital and production capabilities.

By continuously challenging the status quo, we've built a thoroughly modern operation that delivers one of the best logistics experiences in the industry.



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What we offer.

We employ leading edge Warehouse Management (WMS) technology with the ability to customize to meet your operational needs.

We are at our best when it comes to solving non-standard jobs that require a little more 'WHAT IF' brainpower.  Some of our capabilities include:

  • Cost effective, efficient, customer focused distribution solutions.
  • Food grade storage facilities compliant with all food safety guidelines.
  • The experience and capabilities to handle and store a wide variety of commodities.
  • In-Plant material handling - you focus on production, we will keep it moving
  • Order fulfillment, small package, and LTL shipment capabilities.
  • Heavy Machinery storage and handling
  • Custom crating for domestic and international shipments.
  • Private label and Co Packing services


By the Numbers

check_box.png3.5 Million sq ft
check_box.png23 Warehouses
check_box.png184 Truck Dock Doors
check_box.png 67 Rail Doors

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