We help you reinvent logistics so you can simplify, improve, and slash waste in your supply chain.

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The logistics marketplace can be confusing.  It seems that every provider is touting 'on-time service', 'home time', and a 'great culture'.  In order to catch someone's attention, you need to both be different, and sound different.

We are RGL - The WHAT IF Logistics Company, and we are changing logistics.

We embrace a wholly different approach to managing your supply chain that we call WHAT IF Logistics. You deserve more than canned solutions.  So when we work with you, we throw the traditional logistics playbook out the window.  

We help you reinvent logistics by asking 'WHAT IF' to come up with creative solutions that simplify, improve and slash waste in your supply chain. 

Put us to the test...GO AHEAD. ASK WHAT IF.

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Read About The What IF Approach - Success Story

In addition to immediate online sales and profit margin growth, the manufacturer is able to control the brand story and the experience they want customers to have with their brand. They are able to cultivate relationships with customers that transcend retail channels, and now they can bring insight to their retail partners that can help them sell more. This can be a channel to test new products and campaigns in a smaller, safe environment before they are scaled out to retail partners.

WHAT IF Sucess Story




7 Principles


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We challenge the status quo and always ask WHAT IF.

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We can take any situation and make it better.  

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Every employee has the responsibility to ask WHAT IF. 

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We approach every situation with a fresh mind.

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We thrive on customer challenges asking us WHAT IF. 

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Our work is never done.  We're on an infinite pursuit of a better way.

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We look at what is and see what could be.