“Think RGL” When Employing Out Port Services

When speaking in terms of transportation and distribution, many people will first think of trucking. However, there are various other crucial means of shipping and receiving a product including, by rail and through a port. According to a recent report from the Office for Coastal Management, seventy-six percent of all trade involves some form of marine transportation. The percentage is even higher for international trade. Businesses and consumers alike rely on ports to ship and receive their products. When the issue of port congestion comes to fruition, we certainly notice the absence of ports operating at capacity.

Port Impact on Supply Chain

Port congestion has been at an all-time high both nationally and internationally, doling a blow to supply chain companies and consumers alike. Delays in shipping times and the arrival of merchandise are forcing companies to drive up the cost of inventory to stay adrift. With businesses growing more competitive, customers may, in turn, reevaluate their own choices by seeking out a different organization that will provide them with more efficient and cost-effective services.

What Sets RGL Apart

RGL Logistics has evolved a great deal from where we began in terms of port services. When partnering with our team, you are getting the opportunity to employ more than the port itself. The port access also boasts access to warehouse space-onsite, sustainable channel depth, a full-fledged security plan, and crane pads. More specifically, we lay claim to 354,981 sq. ft. of storage space on water alone. With the depths of our reach, you’ll have what you need and will be able to transport goods in a deep enough depth that there will be no need to worry about the safety and integrity of your ship.

Where We Are Now

Though our port service offerings are still fresh, RGL has been in the transportation and logistics game for more than 100 years. Over the years, excellent partnerships have been established and maintained through collaboration, trust, and a mutually symbiotic relationship. Our relentlessness to better ourselves and the customers we engage with goes unrivaled by others in our sector. When partnering with us, you can count on a long-term partnership rather than a fleeting one.

About RGL Logistics

RGL Logistics, known as the “What if” logistics company, is a warehousing, distribution, and transportation management company that has been around for more than 118 years. We are headquartered in Green Bay and work with shippers and carriers throughout the United States to provide new ideas that move logistics forward.

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