Read Our White Paper “Supply Chain Growth in a Carrier Economy” & Learn How Some Manufactures Are Protecting Their Profit Margins.

There’s a growing trend within paper, packaging and CPG manufacturers that operating profits are sliding downward YoY because of the spikes in freight costs.  This led one manufacturer to increase their selling prices which resulted in lower sales volumes and a $7.5M cut in operating revenues.

When you download our free white paper, you will learn:

  • How to protect profits amid capacity challenges and transportation price increases
  • Why cutting transportation costs is only step 1 in creating supply chain bandwidth to focus on growth, and how focusing solely on freight cost savings, limits manufacturer growth
  • The warehouse, DC and transportation decisions that are costing manufacturers more, than the rising freight costs
  • Why 75% of supply chain VPs say that “meeting customer demands” is very or extremely challenging and how this is creating a 3% profit margin squeeze
  • How manufacturers are failing to protect their P&L, operations and their customers despite 12 annual disruptions and $250,000 spent on expedited fees.

When you fill in the information to the right, you’ll automatically receive our free 9-page report on how to drive growth and protect your profit margins despite increases in freight costs and commodity prices. While the tips and information provided by most 3PLs will give you a 6%-8% savings, this report reveals how you can drive 15%-20% cost savings over 5 years, in addition to growth.

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