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WHAT IF your transportation provider worked for you?

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Our Transportation Solutions Team is intuitive and responsive to our customers’ needs in an ever-changing transportation industry. Through our safe and reliable carrier network, we pride ourselves on being agile and responsive through demanding market conditions. Now more than ever it is critical to align yourself with the right transportation partner.  As that partner, RGL develops and customizes transportation solutions focused on adding safety, service, innovation and value to your Supply Chain.

SAFETY Nothing is more important than the safety of your freight, your team, your customers and our communities. RGL has collaborated with industry experts to minimize any potential risk.

SERVICE A highly experienced group of supply chain professionals will set you up for success. The RGL team will be an extension of your Supply Chain with proactive communication and deliver a new ease of doing business

INNOVATION Our team collaborates with industry leaders to bring customized solutions to our customers.  Our customers are aligned with specific points of contact not only dedicated to daily execution but with a keen eye for continuous improvement  

VALUE RGL’s dynamic pricing solution utilizes leading technology, market resources, and direct feedback from our core carrier network to offer customers fair and competitive rates.  RGL offers a level of partnership and transparency with market insight to earn and maintain the trust of our customers.


“We’ve been working with RGL for several years and they have done a great job!  Every step, from the initial quote, to the booking process, to appointments being made and invoices being accurate simplify things for everyone at our company.  It’s especially comforting knowing we have someone reliable that will stick to their quoted rates during the craziest time the transportation industry has ever seen.”

“I’ve been in Logistics for over 40 years. The majority of my time I would only work with asset companies. I’ve been partnering with RGL now for about 5 years. I will say they are the closest to an asset company I’ve ever used and better than most I have used over the years. Their on time performance is outstanding and communication is second to none.”

“RGL is one of our most consistent and reliable contracted carriers and typically has strong participation in the spot market as well.  They show dedication to our account that exceeds what we get from most of our carrier base. I would like to see them continue to be one of our strongest carriers and look forward to working with them in the future.”

"I have been working with RGL as our freight carrier now for over a year and what I can say about their staff and how they operate as a business is nothing short of spectacular, friendly, professional and reliable.  I would recommend RGL to any business looking for a great experience and professional background in logistics."






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