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Traditional TMS Does Not Deliver Desired LTL Cost Savings, Visibility & Predictability to Manufacturers

The Distribution Director for one of our packaging clients in Wisconsin was challenged with limited transportation data visibility and increasing freight costs. As transportation cost was rising more than the average double-digit gains the industry experienced, both finance and leadership began to look for a stable budget solution to offset costs and grow profit margins.

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Manufactures Are Under-Served with Traditional TMS Platforms

When I was the VP of Transportation Management Solutions, for a large trucking company I competed against providers offering JDA and other platforms. I sold Oracle and MercuryGate solutions to mid-market manufacturers and distributors. While I was a major proponent for these platforms, I learned that TMS platforms have not evolved to support LTL and parcel needs.

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Warehouses & DCs Will Cost Manufacturers Up to 3% Profit Margin Loss with an Inability to Give Walmart Product On-time, In Full

On-time, in-full scores for Wal-Mart’s top 75 suppliers -- including  Unilever -- had been as low as 10 percent. Not one had reached the 95 percent long-term target, hurting the retailer's ability to improve product availability to compete with Amazon, which provides consumers with the products they want, when they want it at the price they want it. The retailer is losing an estimated $1B due to product unavailability as products are not being shipped on time, in full or products are arriving too early cluttering back rooms slowing time-to-shelf.

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Emerging SCM Platforms and Technologies Fall Short in Meeting the Needs of Mid-Market Supply Chains

Frustrated with the lack of automation, streamlining and “service” that 3PL providers are delivering, mid-market supply chains who are tired of being under-served have been moving to rising SaaS, cloud and other platforms that promise to make their supply chains efficient. There are also mid-market supply chains that know they need a TMS but because of the lower cost of entry, they’re going with these solutions versus the outsourced solution.  

How Mid-Market Supply Chains Are Under Served

On average, mid-market supply chains ($50M to $150M) replace supply chain providers every 2 to 3 years as they are not achieving continuous ROI improvement and they are not getting the attention they deserve. They’re too big for the small supply chain operators who do not have the technology and processes in place to manage $50M to $150M in supply chain spend. And, they are not large enough to garner the strategic attention from the big industry players who are choosing to focus their improvement energy on the Apple’s and Nike’s that are providing higher supply chain revenues. 

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St. Lawrence Seaway FAQ's

Can a ship get from the Great Lakes to the ocean? - The St. Lawrence Seaway is actually a series of locks, canals and rivers that connect the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean. Officially, the seaway extends from Montreal to Lake Erie and includes the Welland Canal. The route also includes 15 total locks.

How To Decide Which Job Is Right For You


Make a side by side comparison.  Make a laundry list of what each job brings, both good and bad. You need to compare apples to apples—evaluate everything.  For each job, write down what you know about each of the following factors as applicable:

10 Reasons Many Beginning Freight Brokers Fail

The freight brokerage industry has been steadily growing for the past several years, and with the influx of new technology and business management tools, thesector is poised for additional growth over the next decade. Many individuals with acumen in the transportation and logistics arena are drawn to freight brokering because of the low barriers to entry into the market, the relatively small start-up costs, and the increased need for their services among suppliers and carriers. However, not all new freight brokers are successful out of the gate. The reasons startup freight brokers fail are numerous, but the top ten listed below offer some insight into what beginners can avoid in embarking on a new brokerage business.

Important Trends Brokers and Carriers Need to Watch in 2018 and Beyond

As the world moves to a more connected environment each day, the transportation industry has been forced to evolve along with it. Shippers and carriers, suppliers, and the intermediaries who coordinate between them have seen exponential growth over the last several years. The trends for 2018 and the years ahead look promising for licensed freight brokers and the customers they serve, but there are several areas of change of which they must be aware. Below are the most prominent changes coming to the freight and transportation industry this year.

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Benefits of Working The Night Shift

Smoother, quicker, and less stressful commute

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