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RGL is a rapidly growing provider of Logistics Services. We have a long history of solving logistics problems for companies looking to simplify and improve their supply chains. 

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Who We Are

Logistics Provider


WHAT IF Logistics isn’t just a fancy marketing message. When we underwent a company-wide rebrand in 2013, the common consensus we received from our customers and teammates alike was that we’re at our best when we’re asking a lot of questions and coming up with innovative solutions. This is a key differentiator which sets us apart in the industry.

We help our customers reinvent logistics by employing the “WHAT IF” mindset to come up with creative solutions that simplify, improve and reduce waste in their supply chain. 

We don’t use cut and paste thinking. We approach each project with a fresh mindset, tailoring unique solutions to each customer’s needs.

Our History

Making An Impact for 120+ Years.

In 1903, T.M. Leicht purchased one horse, its blind teammate, a flat wagon and that was the start on an amazing evolution of the logistics industry in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Today over 121 years later the RGL logistics family continues its commitment to their clients, co-workers and the community. 

At the heart of our organization lies a distinctive approach that defines not only what we do but who we are. We’ve shifted from a traditional mission statement to a dual focus on ‘Core Focus’ and ‘Niche’. Our Core Focus is centered on fostering a culture where fulfilled people pay it forward to family, teammates, customers, and the community. 

This ethos of paying it forward shapes every interaction and decision. Complementing this is our Niche as a ‘What If Logistics’ partner. We collaborate closely with our customers to craft innovative logistics solutions that question and reshape the norms of our industry. 

Our Vision is twofold; driven by a singular, overarching goal of inspiring our people to deliver unparalleled customer value and lead a transformative revolution in changing how logistics is done. Our People Vision ensures that every day, our people go home safe, healthy, and fulfilled. The goal is for our teammates to return home in the same condition they arrived to work in. 

Together, these elements weave a powerful narrative of commitment and innovation within our company.

Leicht Transfer & Storage original truck, Betsy, driving through Downtown Green Bay

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Our core values

Our Team Leads By Example

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“Anything you would do outside of work to keep yourself and your family safe, we apply while working at RGL. Being knowledgeable of safety protocols and following them is just one of the things we do to ensure the safety of ourselves and others. We always are thinking ahead about what could happen, or how our decisions can potentially affect someone else. Lastly, if we see something, we say something. Always work smarter, not harder.”

Angie, Driver Services Specialist 


“Our voices and ideas are heard here at RGL. From our colleagues, to our leaders, to our customers, we are treated with dignity and respect that stems from the care and dedication we have to one another. Teammates are willing to collaborate and compromise with one another to push the company towards exponential growth. Customers entrust us with their products knowing we’ll exceed their expectations.”

Craig, Team Coordinator

Transportation teammate checking on customer load status
Team leader conversation walking through Donald Street warehouse


“At RGL we take great pride in our values guiding every action. One of these core values is acting with Honesty and Integrity. We believe in upfront and open communication to build trust both in and out of the organization. We make decisions as a team to ensure it is the right move for everyone before proceeding. Sincere feedback throughout our team fosters a culture of growth and collaboration.  Our teammates’ dedication to upholding these values while working with customers turns our business into a partnership.”

Luke, Maintenance Leader


“Continuous improvement means never accepting the status quo or saying “we’ve always done it this way.” Striving to improve customer satisfaction and safety while eliminating waste is an ongoing process at RGL.”

Elyse, Business Solutions Leader

Transportation solutions teammate providing customer service
Warehouse team leaders conversation on forklift


“Since my first day with RGL, accountability has been a core value consistently emphasized.  RGL prides itself on providing quality and consistency to both our customers as well as our teammates.  In my experience RGL’s core values have never wavered.”

Ross, Operations Manager


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RGL Logistics provides comprehensive services including transportation, warehousing, distribution, co-pack services, port services, in-plant services, e-fulfillment solutions.

RGL Logistics is headquartered in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and operates throughout the United States, offering innovative logistics solutions.

Known as the "What If" logistics company, RGL specializes in creating innovative, tailored solutions for its customers, supported by a strong culture of safety, respect, and continuous improvement.

RGL emphasizes a core focus on safety, dignity, respect, and accountability, ensuring that every employee goes home safe, healthy, and fulfilled, while delivering unparalleled customer value.

To become a vendor or partner, visit our website and contact us through our provided channels with a detailed proposal highlighting how your services align with our needs and values.

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