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Elevate your product experience with our Contract Packaging services. Tailored to fit your unique requirements, we provide innovative packaging solutions that enhance your brand and optimize your supply chain.

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About RGL Logistics' Contract Packaging Services

Enhance Your Product Offerings with Innovative Contract Packaging Solutions

At RGL Logistics, we understand that packaging is the first interaction customers have with your product. Our Co-Pack services are customized to enhance your brand’s identity, cutting-edge designs, and materials to create packaging that stands out on the shelf and resonates with customers.

What are the benefits?

Contract packaging allows businesses to focus on their core competencies while ensuring products are packaged efficiently and ready for market faster. This service also offers the flexibility to scale packaging operations according to demand, reducing costs and improving overall supply chain management.

Integrated Packaging and Distribution

Our contract packaging services are fully integrated with our distribution and warehousing solutions, offering a streamlined process from packaging to delivery.

Customization and Flexible Solutions

We specialize in creating custom packaging solutions that meet the specific needs of various industries, including food and beverage, consumer goods, and health products, ensuring flexibility across all packaging requirements.

Certifications (AIB, USDA, Dairy Licensed)

With AIB, USDA, and Dairy Licensed certifications, we ensure quality, safety, and professional handling of products. These accreditations give customers confidence in our packaging solutions.

Quick Turnaround Times/ Processes

RGL's efficient project management ensures your products are packaged and ready for timely distribution, helping you achieve faster product launches and quicker market penetration.

Dedicated and Experienced Team

Our Co-Pack teammates have years of experience under their belts and are well-equipped to handle any challenges or hurdles that may come their way. Chances are, they’ve been there, done that.

Dedicated to Delivering Quality Results

We ensure the highest standard of packaging integrity and consistency. This commitment to excellence ensures customer satisfaction and the safe handling of your products.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Contract Packaging (Co-packing) involves outsourcing your packaging needs to a third-party company, which can include service offerings such as design, assembly, kitting, and even warehousing and distribution.

Co-packing can be used for a wide range of products which include food, beverage, health and vitamins, beauty products, and even clothing and shoes. Basically, if product is required to be packaged in multiples, utilizing a Co-packer may be the best option.

Packaging materials used in the contract packaging process can easily be provided by either the company or the Co-packer, whichever the company prefers.

Contract packagers will allow client involvement at various stages of the production process. This can include being present duration initial production runs to ensure everything meets their standards and expectations.

The structure of lease terms plays a crucial role in shaping your business operations. It's important to understand the specifics of the lease agreement, including the allocation of maintenance responsibilities and the potential for rent increases. Landlords often require longer leases, which makes it essential to consider how these terms align with your long-term business strategies. A well-negotiated lease can provide stability and predictability, helping you make informed decisions that support your business's growth and adaptability.

If you don’t have the equipment or expertise to package the goods yourself, a Co-packer can greatly assist. Since this is also a very labor-intensive service, utilizing a third-party Co-packer can enable you to focus your time, energy, and staffing on your company’s core competencies.


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